Volunteer & Serve

Volunteer Opportunities & Service Partners

The Service Partners Program (SPP) at Pike Creek Christian School has been developed with 1 Peter 4:10 in mind. God has given us an abundance of gifts to be used to bring God glory in His service. We at PCCS know there are many volunteer opportunities for the families at PCCS to use these gifts in support of our school. The purpose of the SPP will not only help to defray the cost of certain activities or needs of PCCS, but also foster camaraderie, friendship, and fellowship between families.

Each family at Pike Creek Christian School will be required to volunteer 15 hours of service time to be completed by May 31st of each year. Services can be provided by any member of the school family (parents, grandparents, etc.). Families may choose to opt out of their service hours and pay $10.00 per hour not served. Any cash donated in lieu of service hours may be tax deductible. PCCS Administration may exempt families with unusual circumstances (health or other) that restrict them from serving, and/or their inability to pay for the hours.

Fifteen hours will be recorded at the beginning of each year for all families. As SPP forms are submitted to the Development Office, hours will be deducted from the total, and the remainder billed to each family in June. There are many volunteer opportunities that will be made available throughout the school year. It is the parent’s responsibility to respond to these opportunities.

Current Opportunities

The following is a short list of possible service opportunities:

  • hot lunch duty
  • office work
  • chaperoning trips/activities
  • fund raisers
  • Book Fair
  • Field Day
  • PTF volunteers/Executive Board
  • “Center Mom/Dad”/classroom aide
  • athletic team volunteer
  • after-school club volunteer
  • classroom in-service participation
  • technology (computer) support
  • credit of 1/2 hour for each PTF meeting attended