Both of my daughters attended Pike Creek Christian School.  We made some financial sacrifices to cover the cost of their education.  When my oldest daughter was nearing the end of eighth grade, we visited several high schools for her to attend.  Nothing was more important than my children having a great education.  When we told the representatives of the schools we had visited that she attended PCCS, they were elated.  Many of these principals indicated their appreciation for PCCS and said that some of their best students had come from there….Thirteen years ago my wife and I struggled over where our child (soon to be children) would attend school.  I was a public school graduate and was fine with that decision.  Fortunately, my wife had attended catholic schools as a child and wanted our children to have not only a strong academic education, but she wanted them to have a strong Christian education with high morals and values….Of all the schools we visited, we decided that PCCS was the best fit for our family.  As they say in baseball, we hit a home run.

~ W.West alumni parent (this letter was published in the local newspaper)

“Pike Creek Christian School is a faith based school in Newark.  This school is simply amazing.  They have a level of commitment and dedication to the student that I have never seen in any other organization before.”

~ K. Shank alumni, 4th, and 1st grade parent

“It’s the best place with the best people.”

~ D. Reynolds 6th grade parent

“PCCS prepared me academically, spiritually and socially for high school and beyond.  I have made friendships for life.  When I come back and visit it feels like home.”

~ Alumni

“PCCS enables me to fulfill my calling to teach children and share the wonders of God.”

~ Teacher

“PCCS is doing an outstanding job of incorporating each child’s learning style into their curriculum.  The teachers really do “walk the talk” of valuing the uniqueness of each of God’s children.”

~ Parent

” Looking back at how our daughter has developed from basically a toddler in Prekindergarten to a young adult, graduating with the class of 2008 , we are sincerely grateful that God guided us to PCCS.  When the parents of other children come up to you and tell you how caring and thoughtful your child is because they have observed this first hand on a softball field, or a volleyball court, you know PCCS was the right choice.  When you come home from work after a horrible day and the next day your second grade child tells you that she prayed to God and asked Him to help you like your job, you know PCCS was the right choice.  When your child gets accepted into the academically ranked number one high school in the state and 42nd in the nation, you know PCCS was the right choice.  In life you often only get one chance at something.  From our point of view, when you’re talking about the spiritual and academic development of a life, it’s not something you leave to chance.”

~ Parent

“Choosing a school is difficult…I chose PCCS for my boys Ben & Dom, they both graduated from 8th grade several years ago. The teachers love what they do and it shows, the students are from loving families and it shows. The education they received is “PRICELESS”. PCCS will always be a part of my family, the memories always in my heart! Thank YOU PCCS.”

~ Parent