Pre Kindergarten

Our preschool program offers a nurturing environment, Christ-centered, and academic education for 3 and 4 year old children.



Our Reading Curriculum is systematic, explicit instruction of:
– Phonemic awareness, phonics and word knowledge,
– Comprehension skills and strategies
– Inquiry skills and strategies
– Writing and language arts skills and strategies
The program creates a literature-rich environment that instills a passion for lifelong reading and a love of literature and the written word.


Our Math program is designed to build upon children’s experiences with activities that integrate ways to explore and represent mathematics: with children’s bodies, manipulatives, books and children’s drawings.


Our ACSI Bible Series presents familiar Bible stories, especially those focused on the children of the Bible. Not only will your children enjoy the familiar stories of the Old and New Testaments, they will also learn to apply Bible truths in their daily lives.

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Gilgenast & Brown


Kindergarten at PCCS is the first year of formal education where the students are introduce to a variety of skills which will be honed and perfected in the subsequent years.



The students will be introduced to a variety of written communications as well as language, vocabulary and spelling conventions.  The students will practice writing their own stories and sentences about various subject matter.  The students will also demonstrate effective communication skills by expressing themselves verbally as well as listening attentively to the oral expressions of others.


The students will be introduced to the alphabet concentrating on one letter at a time.  They will be exposed to how the sounds of the language work together (rhyming, phonics and phonemic awareness).  Using phonics as well as a sight word reading vocabulary,students will be provided with early reading experiences at which they can be challenged and successful.


The students will develop a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of most areas of mathematics using a variety of manipulative materials and problem solving techniques.  Course contents include number sense and numeration, concepts of whole number computation,money, geometry, measurement, graphing, patterning, telling time and calendar awareness.


The students will become familiar with a variety of Old and New Testament Bible stories which emphasize God’s power, sovereignty and care.  They will also come to understand the role of sharing the truth of God with others (Missions).  Scripture memorization and its application in their lives is central to the curriculum.


The students will explore and experience God’s creation in life science, earth science and physical science.  Units such as plants, animals, earth, space, movement, and the human body are discussed and investigated throughout the kindergarten year.


The students will discover and relate to the world around them through unit studies of holidays, safety, current events,families, manners, and living in community.


Field trips, tours and special guests help to broaden the student’s learning experience.  A trip to the zoo, a visit from a dental hygienist, picking an apple at the orchard and feeding some farm animals are all ways to give the students hands on experiences in specific curricular areas.  Chapel each week gives the students an opportunity to worship and learn in community with the rest of the student body.  Each week the students also participate in Library, Music, Physical Education, Art Class and Spanish Class.


There are many activities in the day which are designed to help students relate to one another and work together.  Some of theses activities include show and tell, center time,recess, lunch, small and large group games as well as prayer and free play. 

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